Our commitment is to deliver high quality and reliable services to our clients. All clients’ immigration & citizenship matters are handled and processed with direct assistance of qualified immigration experts in order to ensure the successful outcomes of the visa applications and immigration matters.


Partner visas are for people who are married or in a defactor relationship with an Australian citizen (AC), Australian Permanent Resident (APR), usually over a period of 2 years. Parent visas allows parents of children who are AC or APR to be sponsored for permanent residence in Australia. Child visas enables a child of sponsoring parent, who are AC or APR to migrate to Australia to live with their parents.


If you are successful businessman or investor, under 55 years old and want to immigrate to Australia. There is a range of options for you to reach that goal. First to obtain the temporary visas (subclass 188) which then lead to permanent visa (subclass 888). Business Innovation Stream (188A) – for people with business skills who want to establish and manage businesses in Australia; state goverment nomination required. Investor Stream (188B) – for people who want to make designated investment in an Australian state and also maintain investment activity in Australia; state goverment nomination required. Significant Investor Stream (188C) – for people who are willing to invest large fund into complying significant investments in Australia and maintain investment acitivity; state nomination or Austrade nomination required. Additionally, there are other options such as 188D (Premium Investor Stream) and 188E (Entrepreneur Stream)Once the criteria for each subclass 888 (A,B,C,D,E) are met, temporary 188 subclass holder will be granted permanent visas.


Becoming Australian is an important step in your immigration journey. That means you are are making an ongoing commitment to Australia and all that this country stand for. It is also the begining of your formal membership of the Australian community. Australian citizenship is a priviledge that offers enormous rewards. Australian citizenship are available if one of certain criteria are met. They includes born overseas to Australian, adopted by Australian, Australian permanent residents, child of former Australian citizen, refugee or humanitariant entrant.


If you do not hold a valid/in-effect visas and remain in Australia. You will become unlawful. It normally happend when you overstayed your visa, your visa cancelled, born to unlawful non-citizen and inherits unlawful status, or other reasons. The legislation requires officers to detains and remove unlawful non-citizens and exclusions may be applied. Unlawful non-citizens have no work rights, and subject to Australian laws while in Australia and can be fined or imprisonsed for offences. They are also protected by law but may be not able to stay in Australia to pursue their claims. Some unlawful non-citizens can apply for certain visas to regularise their immigration status in some circumstances and stay in Australia lawfully. Speaking to qualified immigration experts are highly recommended if you want to regularised immigration status by applying for other visas or leave Australia lawfully.


If you have received a notice that your Australian visa/Visa application is being considered cancellation/refusal, or has been cancelled/refused, don’t be panic as you are not alone. Visa cancellations/refusal have increased dramatically under current goverment and in many cases, the department of immigration exercises discretion on whether or not to cancel your visa or refuse your visa application. These decisions can be set aside, overturn or revoked by Administrative Appeal Tribunals  (AAT). Engaing help from a visa specialist is the most important thing to do.


AAT is an independent merits review tribunal. It is independent from the goverment and has the power to review various goverment decisions. If the decisions on your visas, visa applications or citizenship application are not satisfied, you have the rights to get these decisions to be reviewed/appealed at AAT. Outcomes of the AAT reviews will be one of the four things. Uphold – the AAT agrees with the Immigration Case Officer’s decision. Remit – AAT sends the case back to the Immigration for different Case Officer to assess; mostly the decision will be reversed (50% AAT fee refunded). Overturn – AAT overturned the Immigration’s decision (50% AAT fee refunded). No jurisdiction – no power to review the original decision. Seeking professional advices and assistance is important to enhance the outcomes of AAT review